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Why is a great smile critical in today’s world?
What is a full mouth reconstruction?
What is a smile makeover?

Why is a great smile critical in today’s world?

Smiling, as a facial expression, is the product of human evolution. For the early hominids, it was the most effective way to convey submissiveness to others, and let them know they are non-threatening (that’s what chimps do).

Today, however, smiling essentially serves social purposes. One such function is to indicate altruism. You never expect harm from a smiling person. When you are smiled at, the person you interact with clearly acknowledges you. It makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Interestingly, many studies have revealed that if people are not smiled at during first encounters, they perceive the non-smilers to be hostile. First impressions are very powerful, and you often get only one shot at it!

Another function of smiling is that it enhances our attractiveness. Most well-known socialites have an irresistible smile. It is a driving force in social interactions. Science, for its part, has demonstrated that viewing attractive smiling faces activates in our brain a region involved in processing sensory rewards. It is this reward system that may make you addicted to chocolate or cannabis. With a smile, you have a greater chance of eliciting trust from people.

More often than not, people that do not embrace smiling do so because they have dental concerns. If they have missing, discolored, or misaligned teeth, they may think it is a showstopper, and you are offered one of those disconcerting inhibited smiles. If a person is self-conscious about his or her unattractive smile, it can cause an emotional toll and adversely affect social interactions. An inhibited smile may also affect others’ perceptions of you. To that extent, an unattractive smile often creates social inhibitions that reverberate on your friendships and career. Your own feelings of being free and outgoing become stifled.

Whether you contemplate cosmetic dentistry to boost your self-esteem or to improve first impressions during business and social relations, state-of-the-art technology and great artistry make it possible to mend both the structural and aesthetic flaws of your smile and transform it into a stunning radiant grin!

Smile restoration is the opportunity for you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

This is a series of procedures that are generally thought of as necessary dental care, as opposed to purely cosmetic ones. It often refers to the process of restoring all your teeth.

The aim is to restore oral health because there are foundational problems with your mouth. It serves the dual purpose of reshaping your smile and, more important, mending your teeth -and possibly your jaws- so that they can function properly.

Typically, full mouth reconstruction (FMR) is carried out on patients who have a high number of missing teeth. For example, not replacing your back teeth right away after extraction will have deleterious effects on your appearance, whether or not you’ve been wearing a partial or complete denture. To that extent, FMR helps to rejuvenate your face. This is a concept that has been grossly ignored by dentists. If you want to learn more about the link between missing teeth and facial aging, read our great report on a dental facelift.

FMR is also performed for patients who have advanced gum disease which is a major cause for tooth loss. Finally, the third reason why you may contemplate FMR is if your teeth have been severely worn as a result of tooth grinding or long-term acid erosion (as seen in bulimia).

FMR requires extensive planning. Each step should not be overlooked and must be carried out in the right way to ensure an excellent final result. FMR usually encompasses a combination of specific procedures such as periodontal treatment, bone graft, dental implants, root canals, crowns.

We start your smile restoration journey with a consultation to discuss your complaint. We will provide a detailed examination of your mouth to assess your teeth and gum health in order to ascertain the best course of treatment for your desired outcome. Following your treatment proposal, the next stage is to create with our expert dental technicians a 3D  wax ‘mock-up’ of your fully restored smile. This is a diagnostic preview of how your teeth will look at completion.

The whole process may take months to complete, especially if implants and/or bone grafting are involved. In the meantime, you always will be fitted with great natural looking temporary teeth. So, time is not really an issue! On the contrary, if FMR is completed too fast, long term outcome and aesthetics are always jeopardized. That is one reason by the way, why dental tourism should not be sought after!

Having FMR will significantly improve your quality of life, allowing you to eat comfortably, and just as important, to talk and laugh with the confidence of knowing that your smile is terrific!                                     

What is a smile makeover?

Basically, it is a light version of the full mouth reconstruction (FMR, read above).

A smile makeover is much more about aesthetical appearance though. If that’s what you need then it means you have a set of teeth that function normally, unlike patients requiring FMR. In some instances, however, a smile makeover may not be all you need, because we may find some serious issue you are not aware of, that can be at the origin of your cosmetic concern.

The smile makeover is a set of procedures that are elective in nature, as opposed to necessary oral care.

People who seek out this treatment often present with at least one of the following issues: uneven, crooked, or badly shaped teeth, unsightly gaps in between, badly discolored teeth. The makeover outcome is a flawless smile that looks like one you’d see on TV!

Specific procedures that are performed may include teeth scaling, periodontal plastic surgery, ceramic crowns or veneers, braces to move teeth into a good position.

A smile makeover may have a huge impact on your emotional well-being. People’s attitude in social settings are altered for the better. Patients whose smile was designed by Dr. Gaumet were able to be a better version of themselves simply because suddenly they were not holding their self-expression back from their clients, or colleagues.

Whether you are looking to enhance your smile with a simple whitening or a full mouth makeover, look no further than Dr. Gaumet. His exquisite eye for detail and facial anatomy, his technical precision and artistic sensibility is what sets him apart.

With an unparalleled combination of artistic inspiration and scientific discipline, Dr. Gaumet creates exceptional smiles that are tailored to your unique facial features.

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